NOAH….Great Bible Story, What About The Movie?????

I heard that the producers of the movie “Noah” said it was not totally based on the Biblical account…..WOW…..I am glad they said that and wish they had called the movie, “The Great Flood” or “Giant Rock Monsters and Wet Rescue” or something other than Noah.

I go to ‘Christian’ movies to see what the world is seeing…..enjoyment hoped for!  The movie not only disappointed me but made me angry as there was so much judgment and legalism  in the movie made man called Noah.   I found it very sad and grieved me greatly.

Hebrews 11:7 says “God warned Noah and he built the ark out of fear,  (and respect) and was declared righteous by faith.  2 Peter 2:5 tells us Noah was a preacher of righteousness…..sounds more like the people ignored Noah rather than fighting to take the ark, as they did in the movie.

In the movie one son, Ham, goes into the world to find a wife before the ark left–finds a girl, helps her escape from captors.  As they are running to the ark the girl steps into and is caught in an animal trap.  Noah looking for Ham finds them, pulls Ham away leaving the girl to die.  Now, that sure looks like a ‘preacher of righteousness’ doesn’t it ?  Well, that did not happen in the Bible so it doesn’t matter, just part of a truly fictitious story.

The rock giants looked like monsters out a science fiction movie and the whole world looked ugly and dark most of the time.  In the Bible Noah takes his wife, three sons and their wives into the ark.  In the movie only one son with one wife, who gave birth to twins born, while  on the ark…..Noah declares he will kill the babies if they are girls so they cannot bring more ‘evil people’ into the world.   Ugh!  What a nail in the coffin of female bigotry.

In the movie Noah does not kill the baby girls but sees (finally) the love of God in them and feels so guilty he goes off by himself and gets drunk.  They don’t spend any time (good thing, the movie was long enough) on the facts that they had planted grapes and made wine after the flood was over.

There are some awesome points in the Biblical account of Noah….I hope everyone will read the Bible looking for the goodness of God and the mistakes men made… that we might not repeat their pattern.  Hosea 4:6–we perish for lack of knowledge of God’s ways.

Pressing in and pressing on….





GOD Works With Our Declarations….

It has been said “Nothing happens in the Kingdom of GOD (on earth) without a declaration.” Well, I have seen and experienced some things I never declared, but the statement is a goooooood one, because:

Therefore, Holy brethren, partakers of a heavenly calling, consider JESUS, the APOSTLE and HIGH
PRIEST of our confession. (Hebrews 3:1)

I read a small book by Derek Prince (Who has written many wonderful books and is now in Heaven with our JESUS, called, DOES YOUR TONGUE NEED HEALING.) Even though I have read and heard teaching on speaking, words, etc. this little book really convicted my heart the truth of confessing the words of JESUS….declaring them out loud….is our way of being junior partner with our Senior Partner, JESUS.

Since JESUS is PRIEST over our confession HE uses our declaration on our behalf. How wonderful to have insight into the ways of our GOD, HIS SON JESUS and the HOLY SPIRIT….one of many ways….declaring the TRUTH. The first to hear what we say is our own ears, then the enemy and our JESUS. Very powerful and anointed plan to change our lives and our world. Check out Romans 10:8-10 and James 3:4-5 for more revelation.

What fun, that we do not see what happens in the Supernatural Realm….but ‘things’ do happen there….all the time, and we just need to believe that.

Pressing in and Pressing on….

The Meaning Of Christmas

Thousands LOST–The Cross Of Christ Is There!

A storm beyond any we have seen takes thousands, and leaves devastation in the Philipplines….

What about those who did not know Jesus or accept Him before they died?  I want to share an awesome revelation I have received in the last couple of years that has given me great comfort in hearing of death and disaster.  This has been my experience and I pray it will help you as it has helped me in knowing what a loving Heavenly Father we have in provision for every soul.

We all pray the relief efforts are magnified and the Angels assist in aiding in the disaster, that  ‘Life will manifest where death is trying to work.’   And the power and strength of God will fill hearts, minds enabling all for the work ahead……all in and through our Jesus!

This in no way heals the empty hurt and pain….however, I pray that the Holy Spirit will comfort the Loved Ones left behind with warm memories, His comfort and peace, and renew their faith with His Word.  Blessings in our Jesus and love  in Him!


Pressing in and pressing on……







Mothers Protect Women In The Future….

With speeches, programs and projects for change in the situation of women in the world I had some of my own thoughts that I feel would help

Most single mothers (and 47 of all families are single parents) are in a defense mode, a survival mode and they need desperately  to learn to change focus.  I have had personal experience, and known many other single mothers in my life.

I learned very late that I was not a victim and there was a lot I could do to help myself. The need is to be offensive, having confidence in themselves to achieve and do well in raising their families.  A great need is to teach both boys and girls to honor and respect the opposite sex and to instill in them a protective attitude for that perspective.   That must start when they are toddlers .  Too often history repeats and generations duplicate abuse and loss.

One suggestion in accomplishing this is teaching that we are children of God, and with Jesus in our lives we have a Heavenly Father who loves and values us and all we are.  This takes some time in knowing about Jesus and who we are in Him and the abundant life He wants us to have.  It is the thief that comes to ‘kill, rob and destroy’ by planting evil thoughts and fear, doubt and depression.

We must fight this and we need to share with these single parents as I did recently, “You are not a victim, you are a strong woman of God, with value, gifts and talents….God really loves you!”  She just beamed and had a new attitude to face her problems.  I reinforce that as often as I can.  I was surprised because I didn’t plan to do that…….must be the Holy Spirit!

Once that confidence is there the parent can instill different attitudes in their children, especially when they understand they can and need to do that….a secure future with honor and respect for each other.

Check our page list for prayer helps and lists of who we are in Christ.  We can all help others, so keep pressing in and pressing on…..