Celebrating The ‘C’ In Christmas!

We can celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as

we are all family and because of HIS birth we

can be with HIM forever!  Whee!! That is so nice

to know. C stands for Christ, our Messiah, the

Anointed One, Wonderful Counselor.  Whether

we are with family, friends or alone Christ Jesus

is always with us!

C could stand for commercialism and I think

that was an idea from the Holy Spirit as it

gives additional jobs, puts businesses over

the top in sales and gives many, additional

income.  It glorifies the ‘Holiday Spirit’ of

giving and sharing… let’s all thank God

and Cebebrate….not overdoing or too much

spending, but excessive giving in any way

we can….a smile, a blessing, a gift.

Christ Jesus is the gift to us….how awesome

and how wonderful!

For this month we would like to send you



for a dontion of any amount.  We believe

it could change your life or given as a gift

will bless someone else…..It is small but

oh, so powerful!  Send your donation to:


Mesa, AZ 85211  or

use the donate button on this page, with

credit card, safe and easy!

Thank you and God bless each of you

and yours!


Carol, Gayle, Greg and MaryAnnne

Universal Law To Change Lives!

I have had so much on my heart to share as we made the move to the Phoenix area; trusting in the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The number one thing is forgiveness and the results of judgment… I made a short video on this before I left San Diego, that I pray will touch your heart and help you in all you do……

Just click here:

More on this as we all continue with our Jesus,

Pressing in and pressing on….

Moving And Miracles

Making a decision like moving everything you own and starting over in a new area is exciting, but pretty  scary at the same time, especially when you are eighty years old as I am!  However, with a lot of prayer (2 years) and blessings of friends, I made the decision.

This new part of our ministry  will be ‘Blessed Abundance Internet Safe House of Hope’….and for more on all of this please click on this link:

Thanks for being part of this….many blessing in our Jesus!


Definitely pressing in and pressing on……..

Daring to Declare….

If the Lord knows our needs before we ask, why would we even speak them?   And, couldn’t we just praise and thank God for answered prayer without stating it?  (Mat 6:8)

More and more I have come to understand why we need to be involved and participate…. First,  when we release some thoughts with words, we are the first to hear what we have just said.  That reinforces what we were thinking.  David cried out to God in the Psalms all his needs and fears…..ah…..but then he always turned to God as the answer to all of it–we then see much of David’s life was spent in worship and thanksgiving.

Second:  Under the marvelous Grace of God, being one with Jesus, as  we declare a thing we are taking dominion over the air-way with the will (desire and will of God), so that the enemies we ‘wrestle’ with, know that  we know the truth.  (Eph 2:2;6:12)

In Matthew 16:19; 18:18 Jesus ‘declares’ whatever we bind on earth or loose on earth will be done in heaven.  As speak our declarations  they are received in Heaven.  Hebrews 4:14 tells us we have a high Priest in Jesus, to hold fast to our profession.  Jesus backs up our confession, out declaration in line with His will….His love for us!

Then after we declare we praise, worship and thank God for meeting us in the heavenliest–that Jesus will be our advocate against our spiritual enemies. (John 10:10; I John 2:1)   And, we can trust God will meet our needs (with our declarations of faith) according to His riches and Glory in Christ Jesus!  (Phil 4:19)

May we all declare our faith to a wonderful Faithfull Heavenly Father, in due season for all things!

Pressing in and pressing on…..

Willing Or Wanting…..What We Can Do!

I was praying with a friend about forgiving someone and said to her, “You don’t have to want to forgive them, just be willing to forgive and Heaven will pour out blessings on the situation.”

One of the most exciting personal revelations I have received was that FORGIVENESS is a universal law, a power,  like the law of gravity in the earth.  There are some groups that build their following on simply teaching others to forgive.  It does not matter whether you are a Buddhist, Muslim, Atheist or Christian…..if we are willing to forgive…..I mean, to forgive by a decision of  our will,  God honors that and peace and favor will follow.

Luke 22:42,43 tells us Jesus went to the mount of Olives and prayed, with such intensity that the capillaries burst on His brow and were as great drops of Blood falling to the ground (Re: Kenneth Wuest’s New Testament)… agony Jesus ask the Father to take away the upcoming things that He must endure.  But in verse 44  Jesus declared God’s will be done, not His own.  Jesus did not want to take the beatings, the mock and abuse, to die for all mankind, but was willing.

In Luke 23:34 Jesus said, “Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.”  And, the universal law of forgiveness was set in motion–by the words of His mouth–that we might use the example and do the same.  Forgiveness is not just available but must be given by the words of our mouth and the intents of our heart.

John 20:23 Jesus reinforces this with His authority to the disciples to forgive sin or retain sin…..our choice.   Even though this works for anyone willing it would be ludicrous not to honor, love, respect, worship and follow Jesus as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as He paid for this privilege with His precious Blood.

There are so many things we don’t want to do, but will be a blessing if we are willing to do them… nice to know we have the choice.  God is soooooo good!!!

Whoops!!!  Had to come back in to say, nothing is an ‘always’ situation.  We do most adamantly need to not only be willing but want to invite Jesus into our lives and make HIM LORD of our very existence.   And, once we do that we want to do as JESUS directs because we love, respect and honor HIM.

I am sure there are other areas where ‘want’ is important, but isn’t it a wonderful picture of G OD’s grace that many times we just need to be willing.

Pressing in pressing on……