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It is such a pleasure to share some of my testimony and background with you! Just click on the following link for an audio message of my story and my desire to see others know the love and relationship I have with Jesus.

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Prayer Support

There have been so many prayer requests, and my heart is touched and as I sought the Lord, I felt that it might be helpful to share some of the things I have learned through the many years on principals of prayer.

How to Heal Bad Memories

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Moving And Miracles

Making a decision like moving everything you own and starting over in a new area is exciting, but pretty  scary at the same time, especially when you are eighty years old as I am!  However, with a lot of prayer (2 years) and blessings of friends, I made the decision....

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Daring to Declare….

If the Lord knows our needs before we ask, why would we even speak them?   And, couldn't we just praise and thank God for answered prayer without stating it?  (Mat 6:8) More and more I have come to understand why we need to be involved and participate.... First,  when...

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Willing Or Wanting…..What We Can Do!

I was praying with a friend about forgiving someone and said to her, "You don't have to want to forgive them, just be willing to forgive and Heaven will pour out blessings on the situation." One of the most exciting personal revelations I have received was that...

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GOD Works With Our Declarations….

It has been said "Nothing happens in the Kingdom of GOD (on earth) without a declaration." Well, I have seen and experienced some things I never declared, but the statement is a goooooood one, because: Therefore, Holy brethren, partakers of a heavenly calling,...

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