Celebrating Christmas!

Due to some computer ‘stuff’ (I don’t understand) our celebrate the T in Christmas has been ‘lost’.  It was about the awesome Timing God had for the miracle birth of Jesus…..due to the prayers for the Messiah and maybe the timing was  because God knew Mary and Joseph would be willing to be part of this miraculous event!

In any case in the celebration of Christmas I want to wind up our look at the letters in the word Christmas. The last three ‘m’; ‘a’; ‘s’ sounds like a mas or as we would say today ‘mass’–a meeting of believers for worship honoring Jesus as Lord.  I want to suggest the ‘m’ could stand for merry or majestic in the Kingdom of God on earth.  “Merry” or “rejoice” or “make glad”…..hence Merry Christmas is an encouragement to rejoice at the birth of our precious Jesus.

“A” could represent Angels who announced the awesome occasion, or Amazement that they experienced in being the welcoming committee for the arrival of our Savior…..which  brings us to the end with the letter “s” as in Savior, eternal Salvation, the beginning of Supernatural  Relationships of Mankind with their King, their  Creator!  We are truly blessed!

Merry Christmas in the loving gift of our Jesus!

Celebrating The ‘S’ In Christmas!

Christmas, the miracle birth of Jesus Christ, is Supernatural.  Because Jesus was born and became our Saviour  (Luke 2:11)….we were allowed to become Saints because of Him (Romans 1:7) and we are Sanctified–‘set apart for Holy use.’  (2 Tim 2:21)

Think how humbly Jesus came into the world, and how He was revealed to the most humble of men–shepherds.  (Luke 2)  To humbly seek and to grasp, to understand, the Supernatural, the Spirit realm, we need to be ‘born again’ and use our imagination– both are wonderful gifts of God!  (John 3:5,6)

S could stand for Spirit, the Holy Spirit, and small s for the spirit within us… Supernatural all of this is….that the Holy Spirit works with our spirit that we may be used for Holy Use….not our works….but the Holy Spirit working within us.  (Gal 2:20)

Well all that because a Child was born, so many reasons to celebrate!  Take time during this Holiday Season to just take a few seconds to rejoice and celebrate in your heart!  Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of your life!




Celebrating The ‘I’ in Christmas!

The miracle birth of Jesus means so much like the many facets of a beautiful diamond….this one the ‘I’ in Christmas is awesome… can stand for the great ‘I AM’ as expressed to Moses in the Old Testament…..then to Jesus as He said, “I AM He” when they came to arrest  Him in the Garden Gethsemane.  They sought Jesus, and when He answered “I Am He!.” they all fell back to the ground.  (Exodus 3; John 18:6).  There are many other references but the important thought is  God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost are the Great I AM.

And Jesus born as a baby, lived and died as a man, revealed the Character and Nature of Father God to all mankind.  And critical to our identity in this life are many Scriptures revealing who we are as Children of God, as in Christ and He in us.  I can whole heartedly and honestly say:

I am a new creature in Christ (2 Cor 5:17); I have the mind of Christ (I Cor 2:16); Jesus Christ lives in me this very day. (Gal 2:20); I have been forgiven, I have been redeemed.(Col 1:14); I am getting my needs met according to the riches and glory of Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19)….and there are many more.

So our Heavenly Father is the great ‘I AM’ and because of Jesus we too are blessed in being ‘I am’ in all HE is……all because of the miracle birth of Jesus…..the very first gift of Christmas…..God in giving us His Son…..the greatest of all.  Humble beginning and horrible death all for each of us to be one with Him for eternity!

No matter our circumstances this year we are truly blessed because we can say and believe our true identity is in Christ Jesus,  and that is the reason for the season.  Thank you Lord!


Carol, Greg, Gaye and MaryAnne


















Celebrating the ‘R’ In Christmas!

We can see the ‘R’ in Christmas as standing for  the Righteousness of Christ Jesus–and for us, also,  as we are the righteousness of God in Christ.  Jesus miracle birth is everything to us–right standing with God and right actions on earth. (2 Cor 5:21)

And those two concepts are one.  So Christmas time we can implement our righteousness in Christ with a kind word, a hug, a note to friends or family, help the poor or call someone who is lonely.  My favorite is to say, “Thank you for being here, God bless you!” to everyone who waits on me….in the grocery store, getting gas, buying gifts, eating out (especially at fast food shops), just everyone I encounter.  Most need a blessing as the season is wonderful but can be stressful as well–especially when serving other.

I have never had anyone reject that and many return it.  Blessing someone changes the circumstances, brings God attention and Glory and manifests the righteousness in us.

May you be blessed in all you do, God bless you for being here with us!  May our ‘Miracle Family’ grow and we share the miracles and messags with family and friends!

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Joy, peace and love in our Jesus,

Carol, Greg, Gayle and MerryAnne












Celebrating The ‘H’ In Christmas!

Celebrating the ‘H’ in Christmas as it may represent Heaven.  As we enjoy and rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ we connect with the Heavenly Host as this celebration never gets old, or out of date.

Pastor Graham Cook says we have a persona known in Heaven that is personal and unique to each of us, thanks to the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus our Christ.

This birth was so majestically awesome and God sent His Son that we might all have a Heavenly Birthday when we accept Jesus into our hearts!

We can rejoice and bless others this Holiday Season to bring Heaven to earth and spread the love of Father, Son and Holy Spirit every where we go!

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Thank you so much….peace in all your

activities and blessings in our Jesus,


Carol, Gayle, Greg and MaryAnne