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Carol Purcell

It is such a pleasure to share some of my testimony and background with you!  Just click on the following link for an audio message of my story and my desire to see others know the love and relationship I have with Jesus:

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Thanks for listening.  We would love to have your comments, and invite you to join us on the Audio Newsletter on miracles we send out once a week, just click on the following link:

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  7. Sandy Grey says:

    Dear Carol

    Wanted to thank you so much for your 5 minute miracle emails which gives the 5 minute miracle each week. These are great testimonies and I look forward to these every week. I share these with members of our God’s Prayer Room on Facebook and Skype which the Lord laid on my heart to set up in January 2015.

    God Bless You Always x

  8. Carol says:

    When we blame Satan for everything that goes wrong—whether it’s bad weather, a jammed printer, or financial trouble—we’re actually giving him credit that he doesn’t deserve. We are ascribing to him the power to determine the quality of our lives, which he does not have. Satan is limited in time and space. He has to ask God’s permission before he can touch us (Job 1:12; Luke 22:31).

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