I have learned to ‘live to forgive’ in so many wonderful ways.  Today I want to share the blessing for those who are hurting or dealing with ongoing chronic illness.   I have learned we not only can forgive people and circumstances, but the same pathway of prayer to keep from carrying emotions tied to my condition from day to day and live with faith for complete total healing.

On the pages to the right are ‘pathways to prayer’ and under ‘Healing Bad Memories’ my understanding of how the Lord has lead many of us to pursue the ‘will of God on earth as it is in Heaven’ on the road to recovery.  Simply these are the steps….but I encourage you to listen to the two part teaching on ‘Healing Bad Memories’ to ensure your understanding and be extremely blessed:

1.  Lord I forgive the  (pain, discomfort, stiffness, brokenness) of today.

2.  Lord Jesus please heal the emotions attached to the ‘problems.’

3.  Please heal the DNA memory so that it will never trigger any thing again.

4.  I close the door and command this done in Jesus Name!

“Thank You and I praise and give you all the Glory, Jesus!”

Amen and Amen!!!




This is a wonderful time of year….we thank God for the birth of Jesus and HIS love for all of us…..however, there are times of tension and offense and there is a great way to handle either…..

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Merry Blessed Christmas to All


Grace And Paul’s Thorn….

2nd Corinthians 12:7-10 gives us some insight that

is important in understanding more or the love

of God…..we are so blessed!

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Peace, joy and grace in our Jesus,

Pressing in and pressing on….

Does God Really ‘Allow’ All These Bad Things?

During a conversation with a friend I remarked on the

difference between the word allow and the word permit

where the Lord is concerned.  I am so blessed as I

ask the Lord to help me understand His ways and

His heart, how faithful He is…..

I have known for years that God does not ‘allow’

sickness, poverty and pain.  But He does permit

it because in giving mankind ‘free will’ God limits

Himself as His gifts and callings are without

repentance–so He does not violate His own


Allow means to give full agreement and approval

to something.  Permit just means to give permission.

The Lord does not bring sickness to teach us

something, even though He will bring good

out of what the devil means for evil. (Rom 8:28)

What a blessing to understand the heart of God and what

He wants for us….hope this will help you as it has

impacted my life:

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Scripture references used;

Genesis 1 & 3    Revelation 4:11   Job 1 & 3

Luke 22:31 Acts 10:38, 39     Psalms 5:4

Ezek 18:23 & 32 Rev 12

The Broken Body Of Jesus….

We find that Paul tells us in I Corinthians 11 to follow the words of Jesus at the last supper in communion–eating the bread representing His Body and drinking the wine representing His Blood.

I personally love to take communion and I know some teach about taking it unworthily and I agree we need to know what and why we are doing this physical act that connects us to the Supernatural Kingdom of God!  So I think it is a good idea to ‘judge’ ourselves (verse 31) as 1 John 1:7 tells us the blood is continually  (right now, today) cleansing us from all sin–study of the Greek in that verse tells us it is ongoing–What a thrilling thought–No end to that blessing.  Do we have to confess our sins?   Why wouldn’t we want to?  Just between us and the Holy Spirit….how cool is that!

But the ‘unworthily’  part I believe is more about knowing, recognizing and thanking Jesus for the price He paid with His Body and Blood.  “Life is in the Blood” Leviticus 17:11 tells us….however, I just couldn’t understand why Jesus body had to be broken, especially since I knew He had no broken bones?   (John 19:36)   So as I do all the time I ask the Lord to help me.

Reading a small book on communion the other day, the Holy Spirit interrupted  me  with “the body carries the authority on the earth” and I put the book down and smiled and thanked Him for such a great word of understanding–the body carries the authority on earth and the blood carries the Life–I began to mediate on that and so much fell into place–here is what it opened to me:

God breathed the breath of life into Adam and Eve that was carried in their blood.  (Genesis 1-3)

God gave them authority and  dominion in the garden manifesting  in their body.

Adam and Eve with their disobedience came into agreement with the Angel Lucifer–Satan. (Genesis 1-3)

We have authority in our bodies today….we control all around us with what we think and do.

The Body of Jesus was broken to crush the authority of man’s fallen nature, and that authority has been given again to man in His resurrected Body of the New Covenant!

Being a part of Christ Jesus–born again believers–we take communion of  His broken body in remembrance of Him  to heal the broken authority of our physical bodies,  and the Blood (wine) that covers, redeems, delivers, protects and heals to confirm our New Covenant.  Praise The Lord!   (Exodus 12:13; Eph 1:7; Col 1:14; Hebrews 9:22; Rom 3:25)

Lord, lead us from Glory to Glory in all that You have paid for and provided!  Amen! and Amen! (2 Cor  3:18)

Pressing in and pressing on…..